Kelly Been
April 11, 2017 | Kelly Been

Hello Bud Break



Hello Bud Break, 

One of our favorite parts of Spring is the start of the grape growing season. Learn More here about our vineyard practices, we are looking to promote organic methods to protect our young vines. 

Now that pruning is done, growers and vineyard managers are making critical decisions about protecting their vineyards from wet winters. Wet winter weather always brings a concern of “Eutypa Dieback” (Dead-arm, grape canker) and how best to manage the risk in vineyards.

The good news is that there are some passive methods to help reduce infection. Here at Sunlit Oaks we use “wound paint” to cover pruned areas of the vines. This will prevent infection of pruning wounds when rain is predicted after pruning. 

These is a sustainable way to promote vineyard growth and protection of future vines, while reducing the use of pesticides. We are looking to promote cooperation not competition in our vineyards.



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