Kelly Been
July 16, 2017 | Kelly Been

How to Store Red Wines in the Summer

Summer in the Santa Clara Valley is a wonderful time of year to visit local Family Owned Wineries. The warm weather will make you think of rosés and chardonnays, yet it is still appropriate in the summer to enjoy hearty reds!



Now, when storing all your favorite Sunlit Oaks Winery, Reds - keep bottles stored around
55-62 degrees. This can be difficult when battling 90 degree weather.
Try using a wine fridge, ice chest, or cool basement to keep them chill.



There is also the well known concept of "Room Temperature Reds"... this isn’t a corect way of storing or serving reds, it's acceptable in the winter, but unless you are running your A/C at a constant 60 degrees in the summer heat your reds will suffer. And it does make a difference, the recommended temperature of wine brings out its intended flavors, you wouldn’t drink a chardonnay room temperature?…would you?!


Every Sunlit Oaks Wine has its own unique serving temperature;

2016 Pinot Grigio: 45-55 degrees
2012 Chardonnay: 52-56 degrees
2012 Merlot: 55-60 degrees
2012 Sangiovese: 56-62 degrees
2012 Rita's Red Reserve: 58-65 degrees
2014 Moscato: 43-50 degrees

Keep this in mind when you bring your favorite Sunlit Oaks Wines to a pool party or outdoor gathering this summer - Store your wines out of the summer sun and place in the shade or cooler.




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